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40L/60L/90L/120L Floating Dry Bag for Swimming & Diving

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Suitable for any expedition where you would like to protect your gear from the elements whether that be sand, snow or water. This is the ultimate bag to have when going diving, surfing, windsurfing, fishing, kayaking or long expeditions in snowy mountain areas. The Duffel Dry Bag is ideal for transporting your gear around, safe and dry.

Duffle bag style wet and dry bags suitable for beach days, camping, hiking, kayaking, rafting or boating. Simply place your items in the bag, close the top and roll it down 3 times and then do up the clip.
Made from waterproof PVC.
40L open size: 55cm x 31cm
40L weight: 1kg
60L open size: 63cm x 33xm
60L weight: 1.2kg
90L open size: 70cm x 41cm
90L weight: 1.8kg
120L open size: 80cm x 44cm
120L weight: 2kg

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